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Balloon Decorations

UAE's Biggest Balloons Suppliers

There isn't anything more special than balloons at your special event! Make it truly memorable with our diverse collection of balloons that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Browse our massive selection of birthday balloons, character balloons, big balloons, number and letter balloons, special occasion balloons, decorator balloons, and so much more - perfect for any event! Take pleasure in your air-filled balloons. They'll make your event or party a big hit.

In-store Pick-up Service For Inflated Balloons

Use our In-Store Pick-Up service. Your inflated balloon purchase from Party Centre will be ready for pick-up at your chosen store after you pay in advance. Using this convenient service, you can bypass the checkout line and save time. Our online platform makes ordering easy. Adding products to your cart allows you to go through the ordering process once you have found the items you need.

Helium Balloons Inflation Service

Party Centre takes great care to offer high-quality balloons and a top-notch balloon service and we are glad to offer you our Helium Balloons Inflation Service. From balloon inflation for single balloons to inflated balloons for large event spaces, everything is available in-store. Our reliable inflation service is the solution whether you need a thousand balloons for a big event or just a few for a small gathering.

Balloons Delivery Service

We can help you mark important life milestones and special occasions in style! Pick from a huge selection of balloons, including foil or latex balloons, balloon bouquets, and letter or number balloons.

Trending Products

Birthday Silver Phrases SuperShape Foil Balloon 30x19in
AED 40.00
Happy Birthday Gold Phrase Foil Balloon
AED 45.00
Happy Bday Rose Gold Script Phrase Balloon
AED 45.00
Happy Bday Script Phrase Gold Foil Balloon 88x63cm
AED 45.00
Silver Happy Bday Script Phrase Silver Foil Balloon 88x63cm
AED 45.00
Happy Birthday Gold Phrase Consumer Inflated Balloon 30x19in
AED 40.00
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