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Christmas Balloons

Balloons you will fa-la-love this Holidays

Make a statement this Christmas with some enormous blow-up decorations from Party Centre! These balloons are not only filled with air, but also with the joy of the season. 

By selecting a few of your favorite Christmas inflatables to display with some holiday lights, you can create your very own winter wonderland. We have the best balloons on winter favorites that are sure to impress anyone whether you're searching for some inflatable Christmas decorations for your house, office, or event. 

You can choose from a fun range of fan-favorite Christmas character blow-ups and decorations here. You'll love discovering the whimsical holiday favorites from your youth that are just waiting for you to combine them to make something truly unique. With the help of holiday inflatables, such as Santa Claus, Santa's Elves, Frosty the Snowman, penguins, and the Nutcracker, Christmas enthusiasts can create their very own North Pole. 


Trending Products

Holiday Candy Cane SuperShape Foil Balloon 28x35in
AED 40.00
Santa With Tree Supershape Balloon 26 x 37in
AED 40.00
Snowflakes Orbz 38x40cm
AED 40.00
White Snowflake Prismatic Foil Balloon 18in
AED 28.00
Snowman Tree AirLoonz Large Foil Balloon 88x139cm
AED 75.00
Shining Snow Balloon Bouquet 5pcs
AED 90.00
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