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Christmas Gift Bags & Stockings

Christmas stockings and party favors for the season

Party Centre has a wide selection of Christmas stockings for you to choose from – prefect for making Christmas morning truly spectacular! When it comes to holiday party favors, Party Centre offers a wide variety of enjoyable and entertaining Christmas Favors such as Christmas Plastic Pinball Game, the Winter Fun Plastic Stamper Set, the Christmas Tattoo Mega Value Pack, the Christmas Fun Pad Favors, and many more! 

We also have Disney-licensed party favors, and other festive items to fill those exciting Christmas stockings for the kids without spending a lot of money. 

If you're hosting a kids' Christmas party, Party Centre makes it simple to prepare entertaining and reasonably priced goodie bags for all the kids with a variety of toys, puzzles, and games, stocking stuffers, and party favors. So, get shopping and enjoy finding great stocking stuffers! 

We also carry an amazing selection of holiday gift-wrapping sheets and boxes that can be displayed under the tree to make it a part of your Christmas décor


Trending Products

Christmas Plastic Pinball Game Favors 12pcs
AED 16.00
Winter Fun Printed Paper Sticker Favors 8pcs
AED 8.00
Snowman Pin The Nose
AED 28.00
Winter Fun Plastic Stamper Set 6pcs
AED 10.00
Christmas Plastic Stamper Set Favors 6pcs
AED 10.00
Mini Christmas Stocking Decorating Kit 6pcs
AED 18.00
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