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Halloween Accessories

There is no denying that Halloween costume parties guarantee a spooky good time for everyone, regardless of your age! After all, Halloween is the only day of the year when you may dress up and pretend to be someone else for the day. 

If you're planning to attend a Halloween costume party, we’re here to help you enjoy fright night in style with our widest selection of everything Halloween-related. With superhero accessories, capes, wigs, weapons, and more from our Halloween Accessories, you can give your Halloween look its own unique spin. With so many options and creative combinations, you may put together a Halloween costume that is uniquely you.

Trending Products

Child Black Bone T-Shirt
AED 90.00
Adult Glow In Dark Fingerless Gloves
AED 55.00
Adult Black & Bone T-Shirt
AED 90.00
Black and White Halloween Bandana Mask
AED 30.00
Grey Bohemian Waves Wig
AED 140.00
Evil Clown Weapon
AED 45.00
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