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Halloween Decorating Kit Decorations

Get one of our Halloween Decorating Kits to help you kickstart your theme, whether it's creepy, adorable, or just genuinely terrifying. 

With a whimsical and eerie appearance, there are several designs and themes to pick from, including smiling ghosts, pumpkins, bats, owls, black cats, skeletons, and more. 

Additionally, these decorations make a beautiful backdrop for party photos. You can also use it indoors or outdoors too!

Trending Products

Halloween Party Decoration Kit
AED 30.00
Foam Pumpkin Decorating Kit 29pcs
AED 12.00
Witches Crew Room Decorating Kit
AED 50.00
Crime Scene Decorating Kits
AED 46.00
Creepy Carnival Scene Setter Decorating Kit 33pcs
AED 52.00
Foam Pumpkin Decorating Kit With Faces 26pcs
AED 12.00
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