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Halloween Glow Sticks Favors and Bags

This Halloween, light up the party by giving out our Glow Sticks to your party guests or including them in their goody bags or party favors. A great way to add a little spookiness to your Halloween celebration. These light sticks emit a powerful glow that will undoubtedly give your Halloween party a frightful atmosphere.

Trending Products

Halloween Glow Sticks 5pcs
AED 8.00
Orange Glow Bracelets 8in, 5pcs
AED 10.00
Orange Glow Sticks in, 2pcs
AED 8.00
Orange Glow Sticks Mega Pack 4in, 25pcs
AED 80.00
Orange Glow Necklaces 22in, 5pcs
AED 20.00
Glow Party Pack
AED 8.00
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