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Halloween Labels, Picks, Stirrers Tableware

For a frightening appearance on Halloween-themed snacks and drinks, use plastic picks, labels, and stirrers! Let these add a spooky touch to your appetizers. These  are also ideal for topping off those Halloween cupcakes. These Halloween add-ons make for a frightful buffet and are perfect for a haunted house party or Halloween party.

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AED 15.00
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AED 16.00
Shocktails 2-Liter Bottle Labels 4pcs
AED 12.00
Skull Party Plastic Picks 2.5in, 36pcs
AED 20.00
Skull Party Picks 2.5in, 36pcs
AED 14.00
Halloween Pumpkin Labels 2in, 20pcs
AED 6.00
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