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Welcome the New Year with a Party Horn, Kazoo, or Noisemakers,

Ring in the New Year with a thunderous noise at midnight that can only come from New Year's Eve horns, blowouts, kazoos, noisemakers, and more! Hand out noisemakers to your party guests or better yet, let them choose their own noisemakers that come in a variety of styles and hues! 

Make some noise with traditional gold and silver New Year's horns and colorful fringed blowouts available only at Party Centre. Find hand clappers, star-shaped clappers, metallic hand clappers, and more.

Trending Products

Black Gold Silver Horn
AED 6.00
New Year's Horns Foil-Black/Silver/Gold 9in 24pcs
AED 32.00
Happy New Year Noise Makers
AED 125.00
New Year Noisemaker Black Silver Gold
AED 8.00
New Year's Horns Paper w/ Foil Fringe 9in 16pcs
AED 32.00
Disco Ball Drop Metallic Plastic Horn
AED 12.00
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