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Shop The Iconic Kids' Superhero & Movies Costumes!

Which superhero and movie character is your kid's favorite? Catwoman, Elsa, or Woody? Shop for your kids' Superhero Costume from Party Centre for Halloween party or Comic-Con, and let them uphold good and right in the world.


We have all the coolest movie costumes and costume accessories for your kids at Party Centre. A superhero costume can add an extra level of fun and amusement to an adventurous superhero party.


You can choose from a variety of super-cute and cool superhero and movie costumes to put in your child's wardrobe.

Trending Products

Toddler Catwoman Batman Movie Costume
AED 140.00
Toddler The Flash Superhero Costume
AED 150.00
Toddler Elsa Classic Costume
AED 135.00
Toddler Woody Classic Costume
AED 135.00
Toddler Red Minnie Mouse Deluxe Costume
AED 160.00
Child Mulan Classic Costume
AED 135.00
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