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Top 15 Disney Costume Ideas for Girls

Disney Girls Costumes

Disney Girls Costumes

Looking for a charming costume for your little girl? Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your young girl’s outfit.

Create some delightful Disney fun with our selection of Disney costumes for girls. Our extensive line of Disney costumes lets your child live her dreams! We have costumes for pretty much every Disney character she can think of.

Here’s a roundup of some of our all-time favorite Disney character costume suggestions for girls to help you spread that memorable Disney magic all throughout. Click on the links below to discover more about these incredible outfits! Don't forget to add accessories to your child’s costume to complete her look.

Toddler Minnie Mouse Costume

Bring your baby’s animated dreams to life. Your baby will surely look so pretty and charming wearing this whimsical Toddler Minnie Mouse costume.Add To Cart

Toddler Disney Rapunzel Costume

Prepare your young child for the royal event! Dressed in this Toddler Disney Rapunzel Costume, go let her hair down and all tangled up in fun! She'll be flipping, tumbling, jumping, and playing in no time in this timeless Tangled-inspired costume.Add To Cart

Infant Ariel Tutu Costume

Dress up your cute little one for a unique underwater adventure in this Infant Ariel Tutu Costume. This outfit is fantastic for Little Mermaid theme parties and other themed events.Add To Cart

Toddler Disney Belle Costume

Let your little one relive the timeless tale of Disney Beauty and the Beast in this gorgeous Toddler Disney Belle Costume featuring Belle’s classic signature yellow dress. Let her dance around in this lovely outfit.

It's the perfect costume for Halloween, World Book Day celebration, Disney princess costume parties, Beauty and the Beast theme parties, stage performances, theatrical productions, Comic-Con.Add To Cart

Toddler Disney Cinderella Costume

Dreams do come true, after all! This Toddler Disney Cinderella Costume is the perfect way to dress up your darling little princess. This adorable, silver-trimmed dress comes with a character cameo and sparkle overlays. It's the perfect outfit for a Halloween, Disney princess, or Cinderella-themed costume party.Add To Cart

Infant Sleeping Beauty Costume

Get ready to welcome the stunning princess, Sleeping Beauty. Pay homage to the infant Princess Aurora as you dress your little one in this officially licensed, dreamy Disney Princess Infant Sleeping Beauty costume.Add To Cart

Child Deluxe Disney Doc McStuffins Costume

The doctor is in! With this Youngster Deluxe Disney Doc McStuffins costume, your child will be ready for the party in full Doc McStuffins garb. Now all she needs is a stethoscope and she's ready to go and call in her first patient! This costume is ideal for your Doc McStuffins costume party.Add To Cart

Toddler Alice Costume

Let your little one become like Alice from the well-known children's book Alice in Wonderland by dressing her up in this Toddler Alice Costume. It’s ideal for stage plays, theatrical productions, Comic-Con, storybook themed party and as a unique Halloween costume.Add To Cart

Toddler Disney Daisy Duck Costume

Oh Toodles! Make your youngster squeal in delight as you dress her up like Daisy Duck in this Toddler Disney Daisy Duck Costume. It's perfect for a Daisy Duck theme party, cosplay, or Comic-Con event for your kid.Add To Cart

Child Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Costume

Get your child to recreate he favorite moments from the Disney Frozen 2 film in this incredibly realistic Child Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Deluxe Costume that is nicely highlighted by faceted gems, metallic thread embroidery, and beads along the hem.Add To Cart

Child Ariel Shimmer Costume

If your child is a fan of the Disney tale, an Ariel shimmer costume might be perfect. Now is the time for her to tell her own version of the Little Mermaid tale with a Little Mermaid costume!Add To Cart

Child Live Action Belle Premium Costume

Let your child bring to life the timeless fantasy of a tale as old as time in this premium edition of Belle’s ball gown inspired by the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. Watch her glide with elegance in this stunning costume. It’s ideal for a Disney-themed party, cosplay or even a dress-up event in school.Add To Cart

Child Rapunzel Shimmer Costume

This enchanting, Child Rapunzel Shimmer Costume can let your little girl live out her fairytale dreams. It’s perfect for a princess with magical hair looking to see lanterns float and escape the tower.Add To Cart

Child Storyteller Mulan Costume

Have your child take on the heroic spirit of Mulan, the princess warrior who stepped in for her father in this officially licensed Disney Child Storyteller Mulan Costume. It is embellished with lovely Chinese motifs and scenes from the epic story of Mulan. She'll wear this dress with honor when emperors bow at your feet.Add To Cart

Child Premium Snow White Storybook Costume

Transform your little one into a fairytale heroine. With this Princess Snow White Costume, your little princess will be the sweetest in the forest. This great costume can be used not only for Halloween and Christmas but also for theater plays and other school functions.Add To Cart

For more costume inspiration, browse our full collection of Costumes here.

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