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20 Creative Halloween Favors and Gift Bag Ideas

20 Creative Halloween Favors and Gift Bag Ideas


Halloween is almost near and you know what it means! It’s time for creative costumes, creepy jack-o-lanterns, and loads of treats. 

Halloween party favors and treat bags are also an absolute must this season. Let us give you the lowdown on cute Halloween party favor ideas and festive Halloween treat bags for all your sweet treat needs.

Crank the fun up a few notches with these spooktacular fillers!

It’s always a nice gesture to send your guests home with a small treat bag that is filled with Halloween treats. Why not stock up on these Halloween decorations & party favors that you can add to your Halloween favor bags? Here’s a couple of Halloween party favor ideas that you can include:

Halloween Skull Bead Bracelet

Enjoy a party favor that everyone can use and wear like this Halloween Skull Bracelet can serve as a perfect party wearable.Buy Now

Halloween Large Slide Puzzle Favor

Slliiide to the left! How about a great candy-alternative treat to hand out to your trick-or-treaters, or to slip into Halloween party favor bags? It’s a great idea for a prize reward too!Buy Now

Halloween Ball Puzzles

Game on! Entertain guests on your Halloween party with these Halloween Ball Puzzles.Tilt the puzzle to get the small colored balls in the holes - perfect for Halloween treats!Buy Now

Halloween Fun Pads

Cap off that Halloween party and put a smile on those trick-or-treaters’ faces when you include Halloween Fun Pads to their loot bags. Each pad includes assorted coloring pages, puzzles and games.Buy Now

Halloween Krazy Straw Favors

Match refreshing drinks with Halloween Krazy straws that come in unique purple and orange combine color that can perfectly complement your awesome and scary Halloween party.Buy Now

Halloween Skateboard Favors

Have party guests have loads of fun pulling off that 360 easily with these Halloween Skateboard Favors - perfect party favors at a monster bash.Buy Now

Halloween Cuff Band Favors

Create an after-party fashion trend with these colorful Halloween Cuff Bands featuring printed Halloween themed statements such as ‘Scary’, ‘Spooky’, ‘Thirsty’ and ‘Boo’.Buy Now

Halloween Creepy Crawly Super Mega Mix Favors

Grab hold of these ridiculously frightful Halloween toy favors that you can slip in loot bags or hand out to tricksters as groovy graveyard treats.Buy Now

Halloween Playful Pumpkin Pencil Favors

Get the “write stuff” this Halloween. Pass out these useful pencils to little thrill seekers. Absolutely great Halloween Eve favors!Buy Now

Halloween Squeeze Pop Eye Ring

Amp up the Halloween fun. Let your party guests have a screaming good time wearing a spooktacular Halloween accessory like this Halloween Squeeze Pop Eye Ring. It’s a great game prize or party handout too.Buy Now

Halloween Funny Glasses

Bring in the laughs and giggles with Halloween Funny Glasses that is sure to be a hit with everyone!Buy Now

Jack O Lantern Puffer Ball Light Up

Spread spooktacular cheer when you hand out Jack O Lantern Light Up puffer balls to your party guests as Halloween party favors. These light-up puffer balls are great to squish and squeeze. Let this light up your Halloween decorations. It’s a great addition to your Halloween party favors.Buy Now

Trick-or-treating just got a little sweeter!

Party favors bags are ideal to hand out for trick or treat. Make sure you go for the best and sturdiest bag to stash that sweet candy haul on the spookiest night of all. Check out our handpicked selection of cute and spooky Halloween party favor bags that are easy and fun to carry.Buy Now

Halloween Black Treat Buckets

Mix those spooky treats in these Halloween Black Treat Buckets. Go ahead and fill up this black color cauldron-like container with candies and small party favors.Buy Now

Glow in the Dark Ghost Pail

Why not go for a cute way to hand out candies to kids? Whether you're looking for personal candy-collecting accessories or goodie-filled bags for trick-or-treaters, this Glow in the Dark Ghost Pail is ideal for every sweet surprise.Buy Now

Jack-o-Lantern Plastic Treat Bag

Keep those party treats coming and give those trick or treaters something durable to hold those exciting Halloween party favors by. Load up these Jack-O-Lantern Plastic Treat Bag that comes with a sturdy handle.Buy Now

Gruesome Group Small Party Bag

Opt for these useful party bags that make for the most festive Halloween treat bags. Perfect for leaving candy out for the trick-or-treaters this year!Buy Now

Halloween Paper Bucket

Get set to be the sweetest house on the block with this goodie bucket that should do the trick. Simply fill these with candy and chocolate and hand it out to your trick-or-treaters this year.Buy Now

Spooktacular Resealable Bag

Got some treat to distribute this Halloween season? Make sure to complement it with a spooky bag like this Spooktacular Resealable Bags that comes in clear resealable plastic with Halloween-themed printed images such as a pumpkin, a ghost, spiders, bats, and ‘Trick or Treat’ statement.Buy Now

Halloween Friends Plastic Favor Cup

Delight your party guests and thank them for dropping by at your Halloween party. Don’t forget to grab hold of your Halloween party essentials including this Halloween Friends Plastic Favor Cup that you can fill with loads of party favors.Buy Now

Bloody Canvas Treat Bag

Terrify those trick or treaters and give them something to remember this Halloween celebration by! Place special treats on this Bloody Canvas Treat Bag that features blood spatter designs. This blood-spattered trick-or-treat bag is an eerie addition to your child’s costume.Buy Now

Boo Crew Trick & Treat Bag Craft Kit

Perfect for a star trick-or-treater and little craft goblins! It’s perfect for entertaining kids as they create their own one-of-a-kind goodie bag.Buy Now

Pumpkin Buckets (Green, Pink, Purple)

Trick or treat! Get ready to collect Halloween party treats or gather Halloween party favors in style as you place it on delightful plastic pumpkin buckets that come with a sturdy handle to make it easy to carry. It’s a great addition to your Halloween decoration too.Buy Now

Halloween Boo Bags

You’ve been BOOed. Take these Halloween Boo Bags and place party treats to surprise those trick-or-treaters with it. Fill it with loads of kid-pleasing Halloween favor ideas that they can definitely bring home with them.Buy Now

Halloween Emoji Deluxe Loot Bag

Give your party guests something to remember your party by. Hand over these Halloween Emoji Deluxe Plastic Loot Bags and fill it with awesome party treats and favors. It’s a great idea for Halloween giveaway.Buy Now

Boo Gift Bag

This cute trick or treat bag is ideal for wrapping up candy and treats for easy hand-outs!Buy Now

Halloween Back Pack

Go for this lightweight, reusable, and easy to carry goodie bag. Trick-or-treaters will surely be very excited to get their own Halloween backpack as much as the party favors that are stuffed inside it.Buy Now

Now you’re all set to pass out spooky surprises and place it on Halloween treat bags -  from cute gift bags and pails to durable backpacks for expert-level trick-or-treaters. 

‘Want more ideas for your Halloween party? Find other great party essentials by checking out our Halloween Party Supplies. You may also download your Party Checklist here to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


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