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2021 International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Nitish Ghalsasi
2021 International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas - MyPartyCentre

Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day is observed around the globe to celebrate womanhood. Celebrate with women around the world their achievements or raise awareness about women’s equality - in safe and socially distanced ways as you commemorate this monumental event with your office team.

Here are some excellent ideas for your International Women’s Day Celebration in the office:

#1 Decorate your office with celebration balloons

      Beautify your office space by decorating it with buntings, banners or
Celebration Balloons 
      that come in different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors to create various decorations from simple to grand ceremony decorations. For a simple yet impressive balloon decoration, try special colorful ceiling balloon décors.

Purple, green, and white are the colors that symbolize International Women’s Day. Purple signifies justice and dignity. Green symbolizes hope. White represents purity, albeit a controversial concept.

You can also go for bright and shiny, attention-grabbing Foil Letter Balloons to spell out this happy occasion and can stick these on walls joined with other regular balloons for more festive fun!

#2 Announce a color or dress code for the day:

      Add a dash of color to your workplace. Show solidarity with all the women in the office by encouraging everyone (not just the women) to turn up wearing a beautiful shade of pink or purple or follow a particular dress code.

#3 Schedule a (virtual) lunch catch-up to commemorate the day

      Lunchtime is a great way for colleagues to catch-up in an office setting. Encourage everyone to take this time to share their brief stories about the inspirational women in their life, or a public figure that they look up to.


This can also be a great opportunity to deliver a speech thanking all the women in your team/ organization for all their hard work, dedication, and valuable contributions in the workplace. It is a great way to boost gender equality in the workplace.

#4 Ice Breaker Trivia Games

      How about hosting a Trivia Game activity in the office? Try to do it in small groups (by department) in the office or host it virtually. Try working on a themed “Women who have made history.

#5 Raise funds for a women's charity

      What better way to commemorate this meaningful day than to get your team involved in a fund-raising activity with some charities within the country that support women in all areas, especially poverty and education.

#6 Carry out well-wishes through Balloon Handouts or a Balloon Release

      Spread joy and cheer to all the women in your company this Women’s Day fest with sweet and thoughtful Balloon Handouts or a Balloon Release activity that evokes positivity and smiles in the workplace.

#7 Last but not least, say Thank You

      Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. One of the simplest and easiest ways to celebrate International Women’s Day is to show appreciation to all the brilliant women in your team by surprising them with a gift hamper or a thank-you note - it could be handwritten, printed, or even a digital one such as personalized company emails that acknowledges their efforts. You can also go for a customized, specially designed International Women’s Day
balloon bouquet 
      or balloon centerpiece. Whichever you choose, it's really the thought and sincerity that counts.

Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love towards your female colleagues and also the special women in your life – mother, wife, sister and daughter. It is just up to you to don the thinking cap and get creative as you come up with a myriad of other ways to celebrate it.

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