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7 Virtual Graduation Party Essentials You Shouldn’t Miss

Nitish Ghalsasi
7 Virtual Graduation Party Essentials You Shouldn’t Miss - MyPartyCentre

Graduation season is right around the corner and every senior deserves to celebrate his/her accomplishments no matter the circumstances. Graduating, after all, is one of life’s most memorable and rewarding milestones as it represents every student’s hard work and perseverance.

While COVID-19 may have canceled any formal graduation ceremonies, you can still make your graduate feel special. With a little creativity, you can have an extremely unique and memorable virtual graduation ceremony at home. It may not feel quite the same as in-person but we can always find ways to make the most out of it and create memories for the best graduation party of the year. Let the grad party planning begin!

Graduation Tableware

Celebrate the Class of 2020 by throwing an amazing graduation party! Go for a themed Graduation Tableware that perfectly matches well with this monumental event. Simply team it up with other graduation party essentials like decorations, balloon garlands and so much more, to create an impressive display.

Graduation Decoration

Just because guests won't be coming to your house for the graduation party doesn't mean you can’t decorate for it! Celebrate this milestone complete with all the Graduation Decorations and party supplies even if it’s for only for a Zoom celebration.

Try to create a festive atmosphere at-home by decorating your background in-time for your virtual graduation party. Find inspiration from the grad’s school colors. After all, nothing says party like something colorful and shimmery - from banners and tablecloths to paper fans and balloon. A fringe backdrop is also a good way to dress up your wall space while on your virtual graduation party call. You can find tons of cute fringe banners at our online party superstore.

Now if you’re pressed for time, the next best thing is celebratory virtual backgrounds. Most video call apps now let you change your background so you can add pictures of balloons, confetti, or any other festive photo in the background behind you!

There are tons of cute and different banners you can customize with your name or photos. This will make your Zoom meeting less like a conference call.

Graduation Balloons

Add a pop of color and make a big statement at your virtual graduation party party with super trendy Graduation Balloons that you can put together to make a balloon arch. You can even use these Graduation Balloons as an awesome backdrop too! You can go for massive letter and number balloons to spell out fun greetings and sayings or show off the year 2021 at your virtual graduation party. Simply pick the colors you like and decorate it for your big day. You can never go wrong decorating with balloons - whether your graduation party is in person or virtual. These are great for taking fun-filled photos too!

Graduation Gift Wraps & Bags

Let everyone unbox happiness with elegantly wrapped gifts specially wrapped in the newly grad’s school colors or Class of 2021 Gift Bags. Find more ideas from our Graduation Gift Wraps & Bags selection. Apart from celebrating and surprising the grad, why not send a gift basket to each of your online guests too, in advance. Remind them not to open it until the day of the virtual graduation party. You can fill these gift baskets with anything from thank you notes, online party game essentials, some graduation photo props, snacks, graduation party favors, and even photos of the graduate. Let this cool gesture ensure your party guests can participate in the online party games that you plan to play as well as take zoom screenshots, plus hearty snacks to feel really present in your graduation party as possible.

Graduation Photo Props

Set up a cool backdrop for your easy photo booth setup. Surely, everyone would want to take snapshots with the grad.

Your backdrop can be a fun and simple DIY project where you can use a balloon garland, fringe or custom banners. Try using a variety of these Graduation Photo Props to take silly snapshots with your loved ones online too!

Graduation Wearables

Your graduate may not be walking on the stage in their cap and gown but that doesn't mean they can't wear it at all! Have the graduate wear their school’s graduation cap and gown during the virtual graduation party to get the feel of a real graduation ceremony. Hand out Graduation Wearables to everyone who’s joining the virtual ceremony so everyone can prepare for that highly anticipated photo op.

Graduation Novelties & Favors

Graduation Novelties & Favors are a certified hit for your guests too. Surprise your party guests with a small parting gift to thank them for sharing in your grad’s virtual ceremony event online with a variety of party favor ideas that you can include to your celebration. You can even have it personalized with custom stickers bearing your grad’s name or graduating year.

Putting together a brief video with well wishes and photos of the graduate’s favorite memories is a great way to surprise the newly grad too!

Go ahead and commemorate your new grad’s important milestone in style with these great virtual graduation party ideas to get your home party-ready in no time!

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Nitish Ghalsasi

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