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8 Unique Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas You Need to Know

8 Unique Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas You Need to Know

It’s almost October and we’re pretty sure everyone’s (especially kids) looking forward to a fun night of trick-or-treating. It’s the promise of lollies, candies and chocolates that gears them up. 

You can never be too old to go trick-or-treating so have fun and try something new. Put on amazing Halloween costumes and take it to the streets! Go door-to-door carrying Halloween treat bags and anticipating those Halloween party favors and sweet treats.  Here are some fun trick or treat ideas you can try to celebrate a fun and safe Halloween this year!  The haunt must go on!

Halloween Graveyard

Make the perfect Halloween candy graveyard where children may safely trick-or-treat.

Sweet Hedge

Instead of using a candy bowl, how about making a candy-filled fake hedge and place the sweets inside. Use a backdrop frame as your base, drape a spooky black fabric over it, and then surround it with garlands. Clip candies to the garland to complete.


Plan a parade with your neighbors dressed as your favorite characters and spook up your bikes or cars with frightful decorations.

Easter Style Trick-or-Treating

For a unique trick-or-treating idea, reuse your Easter eggs and hide them around the house. Make the hunt more challenging by asking each child to look for their own colored eggs—each of which contains their preferred candy!

Trick-or-Treating in Reverse

Dressed in your frightful Halloween costume, ring your neighbors' doors, and when someone answers, shout "BOO!" and hand them a small Halloween treat bag loaded with lots of Halloween treats. Print some fliers that read, "You just got tricked and treated," and place one in each Halloween treat bag.


Go for a fun and socially distanced way to celebrate Halloween. Dressed in your Halloween costume, give out Halloween candies to all trick-or-treaters. Try trunk-or-treating and have your car all decked out for Halloween too!

Additionally, you may also organize a drive-through with the families in your neighborhood. You can choose to park in a spooky driveway decorated with unique Halloween outdoor decorations to greet your drive-by visitors.

Spook Up your Driveway

Set up spooky tables or booths and keep the little ones from your front door as you steer the Halloween fun toward your driveway. Let your creepy creativity go wild as you deck up your driveway or yard.

Go all out and set up fake tombstones, skeletons, zombies, monsters. You may also try laying out a path with a bag of bones and placing creepy character cutouts along the way.

Then, hand out individually packed Halloween treats instead of placing it on a shared Halloween candy bowl. You can even scatter wrapped treats and candy along the path so trick-or-treaters can grab a treat for themselves.


Come dressed in a creepy Halloween costume and put a cocktail glass on a chain around your neck. Then knock on your friends’ houses or apartments and say ‘Trick or Drink’ while holding out the glass.  

Turn trick-or-treat night on October 31 into a spook-tacular one to remember with any of these trick or treat ideas to add frightful fun to the ghoulish ghastly season. Find more Halloween party essentials in our Halloween Party Collection.

We’d love to hear about your creative trick or treat ideas for Halloween this year. Post your creations on Instagram, don’t forget to tag us using the hashtags #PartyCentre

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