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From Caps to Confetti: Deck Out Your Grad Party in Style

Graduation Day Caps & Confetti
Graduation Day Caps


Are you graduating soon? Why not celebrate your achievement in style with our unique selection of graduation caps and confetti accessories?

As your educational journey ends and you prepare to graduate, it's time to let loose and enjoy the moment! Check out our range of delightful graduation caps and confetti accessories. These are perfect for decorating your party space, adorning yourself, or giving thoughtful gifts.

Graduate Tinsel Head Bopper

AInject a playful element into your outfit with the Graduate Tinsel Head Bopper! Strung with vibrant tinsel strands that dangle from graduation cap cutouts, this fun accessory is perfect for party-goers and graduates alike. View Product

Inflatable Graduation Cap

Who says caps have to be serious? Inflate your sense of humor with our Inflatable Graduation Cap. Keep the festivities light-hearted. Whether worn as a hat or used as quirky party decor, it's sure to bring smiles all around. View Product

Grad Proud Parent Head bopper

Show your pride as a parent of a graduate with the Grad Proud Parent Head bopper. This accessory has cheerful expressions bouncing on springs, making it a heartwarming addition for proud moms and dads. View Product

Autograph Graduation Hat with Pen

Make memories last with our Autograph Graduation Hat! Let your loved ones scribble sweet messages, turning your cap into a treasured memento of your big day. View Product

Grad Caps Glitter Headpiece

Shine bright with the Grad Caps Glitter Headpiece. Its glittery accents add glamour to your graduation day outfit, making you shine bright and stand out during the ceremony. View Product

Giant Grad Cap - Fabric

Make a statement with the Giant Grad Cap. It can be used as a fashion accessory or as eye-catching party decor. It's an excellent way to make a lasting impression. View Product

Graduation Electroplated Plastic Tiara

Treat the graduate to a touch of royalty with the Graduation Electroplated Plastic Tiara. Embellished with jewels and the title "PRINCESS GRAD," it's a regal accessory for the celebrant. View Product

Head Bopper Glitter Graduation

GDance like nobody's watching with our Glitter Head Bopper! It's the cherry on top of your graduation outfit, adding sparkle to your big moment. View Product

Graduation Deluxe Glitter Head Bopper

Elevate your look with the Graduation Deluxe Glitter Head Bopper. Featuring colorful and glittery letter cutouts spelling "GRAD," it's a whimsical accessory for the graduate. View Product

Be One-of-A-Kind Grad Cap Decorating Kit

Let your creativity run wild with our Decorating Kit! Personalize your cap to reflect your unique personality and make a statement that's as unique as you are. View Product

Game Of Loans Grad Cap Decorating Kit

Laugh your student loan worries away with our Graduation Decorating Kit! Add some witty flair to your cap and show the world you're ready to conquer the financial dragons of adulthood. View Product

Grad Hire Me Head bopper

Make a bold statement about your future with the Grad Hire Me Head bopper. Its playful design, featuring the text "Hire Me" and a bouncing dollar sign, is perfect for signaling readiness for the job market. View Product

So, whether you're decking yourself out in party gear, sprucing up your space, or hunting for the perfect gift, these graduation caps and confetti accessories offer something for everyone.

Let's celebrate this milestone in style and spread the joy of achievement far and wide!

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