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Best Girls’ Costumes Ideas

Girls Costumes

Girls Costumes

All eager for some dress-up fun? Look no further than our popular girls’ costumes. We have a massive range of costumes in a variety of styles and colors to let your little girl’s imagination run wild.

Here’s our quick list of most popular costume ideas for girls, ranging from princess costumes and last-minute DIYs to superheroes, pop-culture outfits, and even era-inspired costumes to help your child narrow down her pick.

Click through to catch all 21 best girl’s costumes ideas. Our site is jam-packed with clear, bright images of girls dressed in every costume imaginable so you can get a firsthand look at each of the outfits that your young girl might want to consider.

Whatever character she takes delights in, we have a wide assortment for the picking! Don’t forget to top off her look with our huge selection of Costume Accessories too. Our accessories are also ideal for putting together DIY costumes too!

Angels & Devils

Play angel or devil? Choose which side are you on. Angels and Devils Costume ideas make excellent themes for fancy dress costume parties or Halloween costume characters. Would you rather dress your child up as a sweet and benevolent angel or as a fiery and evil devil? You decide.Add To Cart

Animals & Insects

Explore our great selection of Animals & Insects Costumes so you can transform your child into her favorite furry and fun part of the animal kingdom, or a wonderful buzzing insect. Go from cute and cuddly animals to creepy crawly insects and everything else in between! Your child will certainly love slipping into any one of these!Add To Cart


She can truly be whoever she wants to be with our Career Costumes. With our fun and exciting professional attire options, your child can live her dreams as she dresses the part and transforms into a firefighter, cop, doctor, and more – pretty much, everything she had always wanted to be!Add To Cart


Our Clown Costumes are ideal for fancy dress theme parties and Halloween costume parties. Want a killer clown look? Get that desired look with our costume accessories too. From ringmaster, circus clown outfits, to jester costumes and other circus-related themes, we’ve got you covered.Add To Cart


Explore the magical world of Disney characters by browsing through our fantastic range of Disney character outfits. Our Disney Costumes are not only ideal for a themed Disney costume party, but are also great for school plays, theme park visits, and even for everyday play.

Whatever your child’s favorite Disney film is, there’s definitely one costume here that she can’t help but love! Now all your little girl has to do is to decide which Disney character is she going to be? With or without a sprinkle of some pixie dust, you can transform her into her favorite Disney character with our officially licensed Disney costumes.Add To Cart


Find hilarious inspiration from our Funny Costumes guaranteed to help your child share some laughs and put her in the spotlight.Add To Cart


Let her embark on exciting new adventures dressed as your favorite videogame character with a game style that’s entirely up to you with our Gamers Costumes. Breeze through our video game character costumes by theme. There’s something for every type of gamer, from classic Nintendo costumes to the hottest characters from Minecraft too!Add To Cart


Our Gothic Costumes will have your child looking dark and mysterious on her costume party – perfect for getting her in the mood for some freaky fun.Add To Cart


Have your young girl travel back in time with our selection of Historical Costumes. Get her ready to visit the past dressed in historical outfits of Egyptian rulers, Spartan warriors, colonial leaders and much more! These historical costumes are ideal for school projects, themed events, or even stage plays.Add To Cart


Prepare her to set sail for the high seas and have her feeling arr-some in our Pirates Costumes – inspired by an iconic storybook character to a flashy Carribean buccaneer!Add To Cart

Ride On

How about letting her ride around any party or event in these incredible Ride-On Costumes? Beautifully made and with a lot of detail, these will surely delight your child for years. These Ride-On costumes are ideal for at-home imaginative play too.Add To Cart


Get ready to scare. Find inspiration from our massive and terrifyingly awesome selection of Scary Costumes that’s bound to make everyone around her scream, shiver, or otherwise nervously sweat on Halloween night.Add To Cart


Celebrate the holidays and get into a festive mood with our Holiday Costumes guaranteed to take the party vibe a whole new level.Add To Cart


Your little girl can enter a world of make-believe as you transform her into her favorite character from a Storybook or fairytale. She can choose from a wide range of enchanting characters and costumes, including fairies and unicorns, the Red Queen, and so much more!Add To Cart


Supergirl, Bat-girl, or Wonder Woman for a day? Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? With our great collection of officially licensed Superhero Costumes, your girl can enjoy dressing up just like her favorite superhero or character and feel ready to take on the world. Perfect for heroes and villains fancy dress parties.Add To Cart

TV and Movies

Let her bring her onscreen icon to life and channel her favorite TV or movie character's cool, quirky, or one-of-a-kind style with our TV and Movies Costumes. Our huge range of TV and Movie Costumes promise to make your child experience a night fit for the stars as she hits the streets dressed as her favorite characters from both the big and small screens. No matter what she chooses, she’ll look like she jumped right off the screen!Add To Cart


Vampire Costumes are an excellent choice for Halloween – perfect for captivating or frightening anyone at any event. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a set of Vampire Fangs and plenty of Fake Blood. We even have a Vampire Makeup Kit to help you look the part.Add To Cart


Whether she’s planning on being a cowgirl or Native American Indian, she’ll find the right costumes here. With our Western Costumes, she’ll look like she just stepped out of the Wild West. Our historical Native American outfits, on the other hand, are ideal for immersing your child in Pocahontas' world. It's casual enough to go hunting in, but stylish enough to wear to a powwow. This Halloween, it's the ideal costume for connecting with nature and traveling back in time.Add To Cart

Witch and Wizard

Get set for a magical and spellbinding celebration. Our Witch and Wizard costumes are ideal for a fun Halloween costume party or trick-or-treating. With these wicked wizard and witch costumes, you'll be casting spells and concocting potions in no time.Add To Cart


Our drop-dead amazing collection of Zombie Costumes is guaranteed to frighten on your next event. Transform into a flesh-eating member of the undead and have a great time this Halloween.Add To Cart

Fruits & Vegetables

Dressing up as fruits and vegetables will not only entertain your child but will also make your child aware of the nutrients and the value they contain. Find inspiration from our cool selection of Fruits and Vegetables Costumes perfect for school annual functions, theme parties, fancy dress competitions, and so much more.Add To Cart

Let your little girl enjoy wearing these amazing costumes and get lost in her imagination with our fantastic range of Girls’ Costumes. From super cute outfits to positively creepy ones, there’s something for everyone!

We guarantee that our girls’ costumes will be a hit. Who knows, maybe they'll get some extra candy when they wear it for Halloween and go trick-or-treating.

For more costume inspiration, browse our full collection of Costumes here.
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