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Eid 2022: 8 DIY Home Décor Ideas

Eid 2022: 8 DIY Home Décor Ideas

Eid Home Decor

Eid is a beautiful time of year when friends and families gather to thank God for their blessings, exchange memories, and pray together. With Eid Al-Fitr 2022 just around the corner, it's time to start planning your festivities.

Here’s a beautiful craft round up to make as gifts and decorations for your Eid celebrations. These simple DIY Eid decoration ideas for home may bring some festive cheer and unique mood to your entire household. We’re excited to make these with you!

Eid Mubarak Gift Tags

Eid is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world, depending on one’s culture. Gift-giving, on the other hand, remains constant. How about creating your own Eid-inspired gift tags. Try customizing our Kraft Paper Tags or Paper Chalkboard Tags to suit your theme.

Stars and Moon Décor

In Islam, the stars and moon are thought to be exceedingly lucky. What better way to decorate your home than with beautiful stars and moon accent? You can make something yourself if you are a creative person who prefers handcrafted items.

Here’s how:

  1. Simply cut out star and moon shapes from cardstock or other fancy colored paper.
  2. Using clothespins or tape, attach the cutouts of the star and moon to a piece of string.

That’s it! Your DIY Stars and Moon Garland is complete! This Stars and Moon Garland would look stunning on windows, above doorways, or even on the walls.

Now if you’re pressed for time, you can always go for our Eid Celebration Moon & Stars String Decoration too.

Paper Bag Mosque

You can also turn plain Kraft Paper Bags into mosques just by using a free printable clipart. These make great Eid gift bags when stuffed with tissue paper. Pre-cut the elements, especially the more detailed ones like the minaret, then have the youngsters glue the pieces together to build the mosque.

If you're throwing a Ramadan or Eid party for kids, they'll have a blast decorating their own mosque favor bags. Make sure to fill these smaller paper bags with party favors like school essentials - coloring pens, notebooks, activity sheets, or even individually wrapped snacks!

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Print a mosque clipart.
  2. Trace the different parts of a mosque on a cardstock or scrapbook paper with a pencil.
  3. Cut out these parts: dome, door and 8-pointed star then glue it onto kraft bag.
  4. Use a strip of plain or scalloped paper to embellish the bag directly beneath the dome. You can also add stars made with a star punch, if you like.
  5. Finally, open bag and glue the minaret to the inside of bag.

If you’re looking for a simple way to get into the Eid spirit without having to go all crafty, then this Eid Mubarak Large Glossy Bag from our Ramadan collection can be the perfect gift or party favor bag for you!

Crafty Prayer Mat

Here’s a fantastic activity for a group of kids to complete together. Let children design their own unique prayer mats, which you can hang as a garland across your living room to add an artistic touch to your Eid celebrations. This craft would be perfect for a family Iftar feast or an Eid gathering. It will surely be an instant hit among kids!  

Try these simple steps!

  1. Punch 9-10 holes at the bottom of a foam sheet. This is where the yarn "tassels" will be attached. Punch two holes about an inch in from the sides at the top. This is where you'll hang your prayer mat with yarn or ribbon.
  2. Let your youngster customize the mat in any way he or she wants.
  3. For your rug's tassels, cut 9-10, 6-7 inch yarn pieces. Wrap the yarn around a sheet of 6-7 inch broad cardboard or cardstock to make this quickly. Loop the ribbon accordingly. Alternatively, you can tie the yarn on with a knot.
  4. Cut a length of yarn or ribbon that is twice as wide as the foam sheet. Tie a knot at the mat's top. Place wherever you want it to hang.

Statement Lighting

What festivity would be complete without a dazzling display of light? On Eid, don't forget to adorn your home with some elegant and stunning lighting. Lanterns are classic lighting fixtures that add a lot of charm to the space.

Now if you don’t have to time to shop for one, you can always create one. Nothing beats something you made yourself. You can deck out your garden party with a collection of paper luminaries. Here’s how you DIY those festive lights:

Step 1:  Arrange everything.  

Lay out all your materials. Place your paper bag, folded flat, on a piece of cardboard or foam block so that the stencil can be seen from both sides. Choose a stencil and fix it with a pin on the front of the bag.

Step 2: Create your pattern.

Cut, puncture, or slice your designs into the paper bag using the stencil.  The most precise way of doing it is using a thread ripper!

Step 3: Light it Up!

Put a battery-operated tea light inside the bag, along with some sand or a pebble, to weigh it down and keep it in place on windy nights. Place the bags outside, on a patio or even in plants, and wait until dusk to see how bright the luminaries are.

Not into DIY? You can check out our Eid Hot-Stamped Paper Lanterns and utilize our Eid Celebration LED Moon and Star Lights too!

Bunch of Balloons

Everyone enjoys seeing balloons. Without a handful of balloons, any decoration would be a little boring. Our lovely Eid balloons, whether plain or sparkling, or with inscriptions are the perfect choice for your festival decoration.

You can even use it when distributing Eidi (gift) to children. Simply place some money and treats inside this balloon and hand these over to the kids. Definitely the best part of the festivity for them!

Simplify with Festive Paper Plates

Keep it simple! Our festive Ramadan paper plates are just what you need to make cleanup so much easier after your Eid celebration. After all, the least thing you would want is to wash a bunch of dishes after bringing friends and relatives over.

Choose from our Eid Mubarak Round Paper Plates, Eid Mubarank Oval Papr Plates, or Eid Round Plastic Hot-Stamped Platter which you can include to your table setting.

Stage the Treats

Those delectable Eid delicacies are definitely the highlight of the day. You can even make it more enticing when you serve it in style.  Make an impression on your guests with gorgeously embellished Eid sweets placed on this Star and Moon Rectangular Wood Serving Tray or on a Moon & Stars Bamboo Platter.

Make your Eid divine with these special and impressive DIY Eid decoration ideas. Eid Mubarak!

For more inspiring and creative, ready-made decorative ideas, check out our Eid Decorations. Wishing you a safe and blissful festival.

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