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Father’s Day Surprise Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Surprise Gift Ideas
Father’s Day Surprise Gift Ideas: The Party Supplies You Will Need To Celebrate - MyPartyCentre

“Papa, Daddy, 'Tay, Pappu or Baba” whichever way you call him, it's time to give the most important man in our lives a fitting tribute. Dads after all are a son's first hero and a daughter's first love. Celebrate dad’s special day and let everyone's well-loved man of the hour feel your love as you greet him in unique ways with these simple and endearing Father's Day surprise ideas:


Is your dad among those who always loves to put on that classic white tee? How about getting him one with a unique personalized statement printed on it? Try coming up with your own witty lines for dad for a more personal and truly heartwarming surprise.

Desk-Supply Keeper

Dad surely has some of his own favorite things that he always uses in his personal work space at home. Why not go for a DIY desk-supply keeper? All you need is an empty box with lid. Have it painted with dad's favorite color then glue something special on top of its lid to serve as handle. It could be a small Army Soldier, Toy Car or anything that holds special meaning to your dad. He’ll surely appreciate the time and effort you spent on this special homemade project that’s not too pricey.

Squeaky-Clean Car Surprise!

Just when he’s not looking or when he’s not around, try taking dad’s car to the nearest car wash for some professional car wash service. Unless you can handle it yourself along with mom and your siblings, then you can let the pros take care of it. Surprise dad with his own shiny car that looks almost brand new - waiting for him at the garage!

Say it with balloons!

There are other ways to greet dad on his special day. Apart from greeting cards, you can also use Father's Day Foil Balloons that carry loving and thoughtful messages. It could be "Best Dad Ever" or "Dad It's Your Day!" just to name a few. You can even mix and match these balloons with other colors and shapes to create an impressive balloon bouquet.

Rock Paperweight

You can also make a specially designed paperweight for your dad that you can design yourself! Try looking for smooth, flat rocks outside the house. Wash it clean and dry it up completely. Then have it painted with acrylic paint. Create your own design on this rock paperweight to make it even more special.

Dad's Jam

Remember all the hits that dad loves to listen to? Compile all these songs and prepare dad's own playlist so he can listen to it while out on a drive. Surprise dad with his own self-titled album with no less than him gracing the album cover!

Let Dad realize how much he means to you on this special occasion as you put your mind and heart on some crafty DIY ideas that you could lovingly create just to surprise him. You can even come up with your own unique ideas!

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Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!
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