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18 Popular Costume Ideas for Boys

Boys Costumes
Boys Costumes

There’s nothing quite like a great costume that can make people gasp in delight once they see one in a Halloween party or any costume themed event.

Whether your little one wants to save the day dressed as his favorite superhero or scare off his buddies as a frightening night creature, we have you covered with our huge collection of boys’ costumes.

Browse our quick list of popular boys’ costumes picks – from the genuinely terrifying to classics and kid favorites. Get creative and find the perfect costume for that upcoming dress up party or Halloween.

Don’t forget to complete his look with our huge selection of Costume Accessories too. Our accessories are also ideal for putting together DIY costumes too!

Animals & Insects

Everyone loves animals. Explore our extensive collection of Animals & Insects Costumes to change your child into her favorite fluffy and entertaining animal, or a delightful buzzing bug.

From cuddly creatures to creepy crawly insects and everything in between, there's something for everyone! Clearly, there’s a costume for every party animal.Add To Cart


Dress up your little one with the perfect outfit for career day. With our Career Costumes, he can be anyone he wants to be.

Your child can live his dreams as he dresses up and changes into a firefighter, cop, doctor, and more with our exciting professional attire options — pretty much whatever he's ever wanted to be!Add To Cart


Want your little one to turn up as a badass clown? We have ringmaster, circus clown, and jester costumes, as well as other circus-related theme costumes.

Our costume accessories will also help you achieve your ideal look. Our Clown Costumes are great for fancy dress or Halloween costume parties.Add To Cart


Feast your eyes on our wonderful assortment of Disney character costumes. Our Disney costumes are perfect not just for a themed Disney costume party, but also for school productions, theme park visits, and everyday play.

Whatever your child's favorite Disney film is, there's bound to be at least one costume here that he will adore! Now all that's left for your young boy to do is to choose which Disney character he wants to be.Add To Cart


With our Gamers Costumes, you can send him off on exciting new adventures dressed as his favorite videogame character.

Browse our collection of video game character outfits by theme. There's something for every gamer, from classic Nintendo outfits to the coolest Minecraft characters!Add To Cart


Our Gothic Costumes will have your child looking dark and ominous at his costume party - perfect for getting him in the mood for some weird and strange type of fun.Add To Cart


Let your young boy travel back in time dressed in our Historical Costumes. Prepare him for a trip to the past by dressing him up as an Egyptian pharaoh, a Spartan warrior, a colonial authority, and more!

These historical outfits are perfect for school projects, themed parties, and even stage productions too.Add To Cart


Prepare him to set sail on the high seas in our Pirates Costumes, which range from a classic storybook character to a dazzling Caribbean buccaneer!Add To Cart

Ride On

Why not dress him up in any of our amazing Ride-On Costumes? These are well-constructed and filled with lots of detail. It will surely entertain your youngster for years to come. Ride-On costumes are also great for pretend play at home.Add To Cart


Get set to scare. Find great ideas for your Scary Costumes from our huge and terrifyingly awesome collection, which is sure to make everyone around him scream, shiver, or otherwise nervously sweat on Halloween night.Add To Cart


Celebrate the holidays and get into a festive spirit with our Holiday Costumes, which are sure to raise the bar at any party.Add To Cart


Dress up your little boy as his favorite character from a novel or fairytale and prepare him to enter a world of make-believe with our Storybook Costumes. Choose from a variety of magical creatures and outfits.Add To Cart


Who hasn't fantasized about becoming a superhero? Superman, Batman, Captain America.

Your little one will love dressing up as his favorite superhero or character and feeling ready to take on the world with our fantastic assortment of officially licensed Superhero Costumes. Ideal for fancy dress parties with heroes and villains.Add To Cart

TV and Movies

With our TV and Movies Costumes, he can bring his onscreen icon to life and channel the cool, quirky, or one-of-a-kind style of his favorite TV or movie character.

Our extensive collection of TV and Movie Costumes guarantees that your child will have a night to remember as he enters the party scene dressed as his favorite character from both the big and small screens. He'll look like he jumped right off the screen, no matter what he chooses!Add To Cart


Vampire Costumes are always a fantastic choice for Halloween. Don't forget to add a set of Vampire Fangs and plenty of Fake Blood to complete the look. You can also check out our Vampire Makeup Kit to help you look the part.Add To Cart


Whether he wants to be a cowboy or a Native American Indian, he'll look like he just stepped out of the Wild West with one of our Western Costumes.

It's the perfect costume for reconnecting with nature and going back in time for Halloween.Add To Cart

Witch and Wizard

Our Wizard Costumes are perfect for trick-or-treating or a fun Halloween costume party. You'll be casting spells and concocting potions in no time with these wicked wizard costumes.Add To Cart


Have your little one turn up as a flesh-eating member of the undead and have a blast. Whether he's playing dress-up or dressing up as a zombie this Halloween, our incredible variety of Zombie Costumes is sure to scare at your next event.Add To Cart

Let your little boy enjoy wearing these amazing costumes and get lost in his imagination with our excellent assortment of Boys’ Costumes. From charming to downright frightening ones, there’s something for everyone!

Our boys’ costumes will surely be a hit. Who knows, maybe they'll get some extra candy when they wear it for Halloween and go trick-or-treating.

For more costume inspiration, browse our full collection of Costumes here.

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