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Top 10 Boys Theme Birthday Party Game Ideas

Boys Theme Birthday Party Game Ideas

 Boys Theme Birthday Party Game Ideas

We’ve rounded up some top boys theme birthday party games that can be played both indoors and outdoors, so you’re covered for that theme birthday celebration you’re planning. These party games will never go out of style. Try a few of these fun game ideas that take little setup and are so simple to put together.

Mickey Mouse Party Game

This Mickey Mouse Party Game has a game board with a printed Mickey image, as well as colored nose stickers and a Mickey half-face blindfold, and is inspired by the traditional 'Pin The Tail' game. While blindfolded, the player must pin the nose on the correct spot. It's a fun and thrilling party game that both children and adults will appreciate!Add To Cart

Spider-Man Party Game

Time for some web-slinging action! But before that, make sure your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is all geared up for action. Get those kids all-eager to take placing Spider Man's emblem on the right spot while safely blindfolded. This Spider-Man Party Game is a twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game.Go ahead and entertain your party guests with it. It features a game board with Spider Man in his action pose printed with it. Also included in the set are 8 repositionable stickers featuring Spider-Man’s emblem and 1 paper blindfold that resembles Spider-Man’s eye mask.Add To Cart

Star Wars Generations Party Game

Keep that Star Wars party theme spirit alive and kicking with this Star Wars Generation Party Game. This party game challenges kids to toss the discs into a designated box. Make disc-throwing easier by taping a penny to the bottom of each disc. Kids will undoubtedly have a blast playing with this special party game! This Star Wars Generations Party Game includes a 10.25 x 8.25 game box plus 20 game discs. You can either hang this game box or place it on a table. You might even want to put on your 3D glasses for a more immersive experience.Add To Cart

Spider-Man Paddle Ball Favor

Go for an exciting party game or activity that will surely guarantee hours of fun and excitement on your Spider-Man theme party. Check out our Spider-Man Paddle Ball Favor and get your party guests all-eager to take turns keeping the ball bouncing on the awesome blue paddle. This Spider-Man Paddle Ball comes with a red rubber ball linked to an elastic rope and a plastic paddle with Marvel’s Spider-Man printed on it. It’s a fantastic party favor idea, a party game, or a prize.Add To Cart

Batman Party Game

Challenge kids to become hero for a day as they help Gotham’s Caped Crusader find his emblem. Take this party game that’s definitely an ideal addition to your Batman-inspired party. The object of the game is to challenge blindfolded players to place the sticker of Batman’s emblem on the right spot of the game poster. This kit includes a game poster, a blindfold that’s reminiscent of Batman’s ever-watchful eyes and two sticker sheets of Batman’s emblem. It’s a great way to entertain those kids in your Batman theme party.Add To Cart

Paw Patrol Party Game

Give Chase his badge! This Paw-fect party game will surely keep those small pups entertained. Take this Paw Patrol Party Game that’s perfect for your rescue crew. This party game is a spin-off of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game that features images of the Paw Patrol team heading out from the lookout. Get all the players to slip on the paper blindfold and try to “pin” the sticker badge on Chase. It'll go perfectly with your Paw Patrol-themed party.Add To Cart

Little Pirate Party Game

Let kids have loads of fun on your Little Pirate theme party. Entertain them with this exciting party game that will keep them entertained for hours! Take this Little Pirate Party Game that adds a swashbuckling spin on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game.Get each of the players to wear the blindfold that’s printed to look like an eye patch and watch them eagerly take turns to play the game. You can also use the bright and bold poster to serve as a pirate party decoration. Simply use a tape or sticky tack to stick it onto any flat surface.Add To Cart

Scooby-Doo Party Game

Ruh, Roh, Ruh! What happened to Scooby's tag? Make this delightfully amusing Scooby Doo-themed party game, which is a spin-off of the classic pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game, a perfect complement to your Scooby Doo-themed party. The goal of the game is for blindfolded players to pin the tag on Scooby-collar Doo's one by one. 1 game board, 2 sticker sheets, and 1 blindfold are included in the package.Add To Cart

Avengers Paddle Ball Favor

Give your favorite past-time game, party game, or pastime a new spin! Let kids have a blast after your Avengers theme party when you hand out this Avengers Paddle Ball Favor. This paddle ball favor comes with a red rubber ball attached to an elastic string and a plastic paddle designed with kids’ favorite Avengers superheroes. It’s an excellent party favor and an ideal party game or prize reward too!Add To Cart

Paw Patrol Paddle Ball Favor

Give a cool twist to this engaging past-time game, party game, or activity! Let kids have a blast when you hand out this Paw Patrol Paddle Ball Favor at your Paw Patrol theme party. This paddle ball favor comes with a red rubber ball attached to an elastic string and an elastic paddle designed with kids’ favorite Paw Patrol characters. It's a fantastic party favor as well as an awesome party game idea or party prize too!Add To Cart

There you have it, our quick list of simple and entertaining top boys’ birthday party game ideas. Find more inspiration for your theme birthday celebration by checking out these other Birthday Party Games ideas too.

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