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Unicorn Theme Party Ideas

Unicorn Theme Party Ideas
Unicorn Theme Party Ideas - MyPartyCentre

Get a headstart in planning the ultimate Unicorn Theme Party that’s all the rage in the party scene right now with our Unicorn Party Supplies. We’ve rounded up enchanting Unicorn Party Ideas so you can create your very own magical unicorn wonderland to celebrate that special day for your little one.

STEP ONE: Send out Unicorn Party Invitations

Add a magical touch to your Unicorn theme party. Send out specially designed Unicorn Invitations that can certainly add a touch of color and excitement to your celebration. Simply fill it out with important party details and you’re all set!

STEP TWO: Pick your pink-tastic Unicorn Partyware!

Get your tablescape all tickled pink with Unicorn-designed tableware that comes in awesome, sparkling pink and pastel colors. Dress up your party table with the Unicorn Plastic Table Cover and complete your Unicorn-inspired table setting by matching Unicorn Paper Plates with Unicorn Paper Cups, Unicorn Lunch Tissues and other pink tableware.

STEP THREE: Set up Unicorn Party Decorations

Set up Magical Unicorn Party Decorations that feature delightful illustrations of unicorn and fill your party venue with it. Let these add a festive touch to your Unicorn theme party.

Get started with your special celebratory greeting by hanging this Unicorn Letter Banner and including it to your party decoration. Match this with other unicorn-theme party essentials like this Unicorn Lantern Decoration, Unicorn Drop Lantern Decoration and Unicorn Swirl Decorations that would look perfectly hung from your ceiling.

You can also include Unicorn Balloons to your Unicorn party setup.

Special Tips: How to Decorate with a Unicorn Balloon

- Take these unicorn balloons and attach special decorative items to the strings of these balloons and let these float to the ceiling. Let the attached decorative attachments just dangle overheard your party space.

- You can also dress up your party’s dining table by tying Unicorn designed balloon on each party chair.

- You can also tape Unicorn designed balloons to cover your entire wall and use it as your Unicorn theme photo backdrop.

- Want to create a magical balloon-lighting? Try inserting glow sticks into balloons before you inflate these and hang these around your party venue.

STEP FOUR: Play dress up with Unicorn Costume

Encourage your party guests to put on their best Unicorn Costume along with the birthday girl. You can dress her up like their My Little Pony Character like this Child My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Deluxe Costume or Child Unicorn Princess Storybook Costume, Child Rainbow Unicorn Costume, Child Silly Safari Unicorn Animal Costume or Child Ride On Unicorn Costume.

STEP FIVE: Entertain guests with Unicorn Party Games

Keep kids entertained with some fun-filled and exciting unicorn-themed party games.

Go for the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey party game and just add a little twist to it by changing it “Pin the Horn on the Unicorn”. Just draw or print out of a unicorn and cutout a unicorn for each player. While safely blindfolded, have each player take turns to pin the horn on the unicorn. Whoever’s horn is closest to right spot wins!

Other than that, you can also go for the traditional Unicorn Pinata game. Bring in the party magic with this Unicorn Pull Piñata that features a huge pink unicorn figure in which you can fill-in with candies and other great prizes and/or even treats to create a fun and memorable party activity!

STEP SIX: Send party guests home with charming Unicorn Party Favors

Prepare party favors bags easily in time for your magical Unicorn theme party with this Unicorn Stationery Favor Set that’s got all the unicorn-inspired party favors in it. It comes with notebooks, rulers, crayon boxes and unicorn stickers ideal for loading up those Unicorn Loot Bags.

Now you’re all set to add a little unicorn magic to your celebration! Excited to throw your own Unicorn Theme Party? Have a look at all our Unicorn Birthday Party Supplies.


Don’t forget to browse our quick, think-ahead PARTY CHECKLIST to help you pull off an amazing Unicorn theme party. Find more inspiration for other equally charming party ideas here in our Party Tips and Ideas page!

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